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A Message from the Executive Director

April has been one of our busiest months for Project Light. We have made several presentations and attended some very important conferences. Project Light has been speaking to our legislators concerning funding for agencies like Project Light that are engaged heavily in awareness and prevention of human trafficking. They all have assured me that they will try to get approval for more assistance for us. That would be wonderful.

We are in our new office, and it is nice. Please come by and check it out. The new office has allowed us to set up a classroom for up to 25 people. We also have ample storage space, and we will be sharing this space with our safe house partners.

Project Light needs more volunteers for our 12 teams. Our goal is to fill the 12 teams with 10 members in each team. That will be an additional 120 volunteers joining the battle against human trafficking. Wow!

We need your help in joining us as partners. Go to our website and press donate and follow the instructions. Help us to reach 1,000 partners.

See you soon, Jim.

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