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Human Trafficking Rally Cry

Project Light is currently the only full time anti human trafficking agency in Rowan County. The primary mission is to bring awareness, prevention and reporting of human trafficking.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we could get ALL the church denominations together and pray against human trafficking?

WELL IT IS HAPPENING!! Project Light is partnering with Livingstone College and others to bring us all together on Saturday April the 27th at 10 am at the Warick Auditorium at Livingstone College.

Can we put aside any differences we have and gather together as one and seek The Good Lord to help us rid our area and beyond from the horrors of human trafficking?

Many have asked what they can do. Can you give 2 hours of your life to pray together against this demon?

Trafficking is getting worse every day and we need everyone involved in stopping this madness. Please join us?

Go on the following website for more information.

Dr. Jim Duncan

Executive Director

Project Light

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