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May 6, 2022

Good day everyone.  Wow, I can’t believe it is May already.  

I have some wonderful news for you. Are you ready? AARONS RENTAL gave Project LIGHT a very generous check to keep our work going forward. Thank you Aarons Rental. Please let them know how we appreciate their support as we battle Human Trafficking.

This brings me to my next comment. We need more volunteers. Do you have a heart for this battle? We need you. Project LIGHT will 100% financially sponsor you for zoom training courses with Engage Together and Justice U. I have personally completed their training and it is well worth your time. Call me on my cell phone at (704)-202-8143 if you are interested?  

I attended a National zoom meeting on Human Trafficking today. It was suggested that we ask agencies, organizations, and folks, “What would you do if a victim of Human Trafficking needed help?”

I ask you the same question. If you don’t know maybe you need to spend some time with Project LIGHT.

ONE victim of Human Trafficking in Rowan County is one too many.

Get on board today. 

Thanks, Jim

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