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Message From the Executive Director- March 1st

Hi Folks. Let me say first that your prayers, support and belief in our effort to stop human trafficking before it starts and help the victims and survivors keeps us motivated to press on. 

The month of February has been another busy time for Project Light. Your support allowed us to offer four of our outstanding law enforcement officers three days of human trafficking training in Raleigh. I was able to also attend the training and it was a valuable learning experience. 

We visited and participated with the Youth4Abolition human trafficking club at South Rowan HS. What a great group of students. We are pleased that Project Light can assist in supporting this club. 

The big news is our Human Trafficking Rally Cry at Livingstone College on Saturday April 27th from 10-12. The  free event will be in the auditorium.  We want to fill all 1,100 seats.. Thank you to Dr. Anthony Davis, the 13th President of Livingstone College, for this partnership. 

Please consider being a partner with Project Light. Just go on our new beautiful website and follow the instructions on the donate button. We will do the work. We need your help!

Thank you Pastor Charles Snow for your valuable assistance in completely redesigning our social media. 

See you soon, Jim

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