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September 10, 2022

The NC Human Trafficking Commission Conference was in Raleigh and was for two days.

There were many very qualified and knowledgeable speakers. Project Light Rowan will be able to utilize a lot of information that we gained during the conference.

There was a common thread to most of the sessions.

One was that we need to focus on the buyers, the John’s. I agree wholeheartedly. We need to let buyers and prospective buyers know that the victims DO NOT enjoy sex and this is really rape. If they don’t act like they enjoy the experience they will be violently punished.

Another main topic had to do with how to care for the victims and their trauma. More on that later.

I noticed a huge void in the number of men at this conference. This is a common problem in combating human trafficking.

Hey guys this is not a girl thing. We need to step up and take a role in this battle. Where are you?

Call me and I will find something for you to do. 704-202-8143


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