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September 9, 2022

This has been quite a week for Project Light Rowan. Two of our board members attended three anti-human trafficking conferences and meetings in Raleigh over a four-day period.

The first day was an eight-hour conference for law enforcement. One hundred officers from all over NC signed up for this program. One of our board members was on the committee that presented this program.

In summary in order for maximum effectiveness to combat human trafficking, nonprofits and law enforcement must work together.

Project Light Rowan is eager and ready to work with all law enforcement in our county.

We are currently developing a plan to make all 10 towns and the Sheriff's Department aware of our mission and capabilities.

Well, that was day one. I will follow up on another entry to continue our summary of the conventions.

One last thing. WE NEED MORE MEN INVOLVED IN THIS BATTLE!!!  Come on guys get on board with us. More later. 


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